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Planning a Team-building Getaway

Planning a Team-building Getaway It seems the term “team-building” has become quite ubiquitous. Many companies are just doing it because it’s “trendy” and because it’s what all the cool Silicon Valley start-ups are doing. However, if we get pat this...

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How to Optimize Seasonal Peaks for Hourly Employers

How to Optimize Seasonal Peaks for Hourly Employers Many businesses will have a busy season and know exactly when it is. If you’re in retail, it’s probably the rush for holiday sales. If you work in hospitality, it might be the annual ramp-up for summer...

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Partner with Ceorra

“Ceorra is the only IT Staffing Company we will work with. From day one they have proven to be experienced, reliable, and understanding. They are amazing at what they do and are continually learning and growing in order to meet their client’s needs. Bravo, Ceorra !” Vishal Saksena

Programmer, Ambient Solutions